Next Time, Hire a Pro Vol. 3

Next Time, Hire A Pro

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Next Time, Hire A Pro

It’s true that not all homeowners can afford to hire a professional for every home repair and improvement. But DIY projects or hiring a “buddy” sometimes end up costing more in the long run.

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Bad tape job

Here's what happens when the tape isn't installed correctly. Not great!

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I guess that works...

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I guess that works...

Is this where the phrase "dog's dinner" came from?

Submitted by @a.d.payne_carpentry

Just a hole in the wall

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A hole in the wall

I mean, that's one way to do it. Wow.

Submitted by Stanley (@stanley_savvas_13)


Frankestein's duct monster

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Duct monstrosity

Step right up. Behold the duct monster in all it's glory!

Submitted by @hvachacks


 House of horrors

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Head Scratcher

I don’t even know... what’s going on here? This whole house had a plethora of things that made me scratch my head.

Submitted by TK (@excellentremodeling)


Electrician's pet peeves

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Electrician's pet peeve


Submitted by Lauren Hughes (@benditlikelo)


Suspect slabs

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Suspect slabs

This is why I don't trust existing slabs for verandah posts. The "concrete" was about 3/4-in. thick, and then there was a layer of bricks under that? A real footing would have been much cheaper the first time.

Submitted by @drawandconstruct

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Use the right adhesive!

Oh dear. This is what you get when you use the wrong tile adhesive. At least the demo was easy!

Submitted by CMD Construction (@craig7890)