10 Common Plumbing Mistakes Everyone Makes

A plumber shares what he finds are the most common mistakes novice plumbers make

In this video, Julio from Got2learn shares what he finds are 10 common mistakes novice plumbers tend to make and how to fix them. Julio warns against using too much of products like Drano, which are effective but can harm pipes in the long run. Instead, he recommends creating a solution of two parts vinegar and one part baking soda and using that as a drain un-clogger. Watch the full video for all of Julio’s tips and advice, and then be sure to read through our post-plumbing job checklist.


Julio has been a certified Canadian plumber for almost a decade and has learned a lot of plumbing techniques and tricks will serve you well. He has experience in both the commercial and residential worlds and covers a wide variety of subjects ranging from brazing to simply installing a toilet the proper way.

Julio creates about 3-4 videos a month. He tries to make his YouTube channel Got2learn both entertaining and instructional. If you think his videos are great (like hundreds of thousands of other folks do), head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe.

Thanks for sharing your videos, Julio!