Pro Picks: Ego Cordless String Trimmer

Josh and Mark take a look at the Cordless String Trimmer from Ego, which features an incredibly easy to load string compartment. The Cordless String Trimmer has a 49-in. extended aluminum shaft, a high-efficiency brushless motor and comes with a 5 year tool warranty.



Mark Petersen is the Senior Editor for Construction Pro Tips. He has many years of experience as both a sider and a general contractor and served as an editor for the Family Handyman Magazine. Josh Risberg is an Associate Editor for Construction Pro Tips. He spent ten years as a lead carpenter for high-end remodeling contractors and is an absolute tool-geek. Pro Picks is a non-sponsored show where the CPT crew takes an in-depth look at different tools, gear, and products that they love. In every Pro Picks video Mark and Josh talk about a different product, giving you the low-down what sets it apart from the pack and makes it worth owning.