Pro Tip: Keep Dusty Materials Out of the Air (And Your Lungs)

Get dusty materials under control with this tip. All you need is a shop vac and a five gallon bucket with a lid.

Dumping dusty materials into a five-gallon bucket has a tendency to create massive clouds of dust that linger in the air and then settle across every and any available surface in a room. Luckily, eliminating those dust clouds is not overly complicated with this tip.

First, take the lid to a five-gallon bucket and cut it in half. Then, use a hole saw to drill a hole into the lid that is the same size as the end of the hose on your shop vac. To finish set-up, snap the lid onto the bucket and stick your shop vac hose into the newly-created hole.

Now, as long as you turn on the shop vac before dumping materials into the bucket, any excess dust halfway to becoming a dust cloud will instead be sucked up into the vacuum. This will keep dust out of your lungs and off of the surfaces around you, eliminating clean-up at the end of the day.

Just be sure to clean your shop-vac after using this tip a few times.

Watch the video below to see this tip in action:

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