Square D Qwik Grip / Fastest, Cleanest, Easiest Install On The Planet!

Sponsored Content / Square D’s Qwik Grip system makes installing their load center much, much faster.

The Old Way

  1. Remove the knockouts
  2. Unscrew nut from the clamp connector
  3. Insert the clamp connector
  4. Fasten the clamp connector to the box with the nut
  5. Insert wire/wires
  6. Secure wire with the two tightening screws

Note: Hopefully you don’t have to install a reducing washer if the larger knockout hole came loose by accident, which happens all too often.

The Qwik-Grip Way

  1. Remove tabs
  2. Insert wire (Pre-bend them as you slide them in)

Note: A shield does need to be installed after all the wires are in place, but that’s only one step per ten (or so) wires.

But how much faster is installing a Square D panel compared to other competing load centers? To find out, Square D partnered with third-party time and motion expert Argent Global to compare Square D load centers to others in the industry. Watch the video above to see the results of this test.