Tile Shower Renovation (VIDEO)

Watch this video for a detailed look at a tile shower being renovated from start to finish

Watch the video above for a detailed look at a tile shower being renovated from start to finish.

Sal DiBlasi

Slavatore “Sal” DiBlasi has been in the flooring trade since 1984. He started out installing ceramic tile, VCT tile, Carpet, hard wood, and many other types of flooring surfaces. In about 1989, he decided it was time to work for himself and started out on his own. Sal has been self-employed in the Boston North Shore area ever since. He is a believer in doing things right and never cutting corners or rushing to finish a job.

Sal originally uploaded videos to his YouTube channel so that he could embed them onto his website, to show off his work and attract new customers. At some point he saw that he was getting quite a few views and decided to go with it and create some how-to videos. That was about 5 years ago. Now he has just shy of 700 videos.

Thanks for sharing your videos and experience, Sal!

Self Leveling Underlayment
The Family Handyman

Bonus Pro Tip: Self-leveling underlayment

If you have floors that are wavy or out of level, self-leveling underlayment is a great solution. It has many of the same advantages as a dry-pack mortar bed but doesn’t require as much skill to install. You still use metal lath, but then mix bags of powder and pour the soupy mix onto the floor. It’s also fast.

But there are downsides. Using self-leveling underlayment takes careful prep work. You have to seal every little hole in the floor so the underlayment doesn’t seep into spaces below. And most formulas harden very fast, so you have to plan carefully to mix and pour quickly. Self-leveling underlayment is also expensive. At home centers, a bag of self-leveling underlayment costs about $32. For more on how to use self-leveling underlayment, check out our story here.