Tips For Fixing Cracked Drywall

Despite your best efforts, sometimes drywall or drywall finish will crack. Check out these tips for how to handle it when it does.

Drywall application is not an exact science. Sometimes, drywall or drywall finish will crack, despite having followed each and every step closely during application. When this happens, here are a few suggestions for how to handle it:

  • According to SFGate, if the cracking is in the finish, never paint over the problem, as this fails to address the underlying issue and only serves to make the crack more noticeable.
  • One of the most common places for drywall cracking is at the seams. If cracking appears along the corners or edges, this is likely a result of improper compound application. To fix this, completely remove the joint compound and reapply a new corner bead to the wall. Reapply new compound and wait for it to fully dry before adding tape.
  • When cracking appears that is not on a joint, fill the crack with a setting-type compound, allow it to dry, then sand and paint over it. If cracking is minor, apply a small amount of caulk or compound to the area and wait for it to completely dry.

Drywall cracking can and does happen for a number of reasons, but taking careful measures when mixing and applying compound can help lower the likelihood that cracking will eventually occur.


About Mitchell Schittler:

Mitchell Schittler is a Technical Marketing Manager for CertainTeed, a North American manufacturer of building products headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Mitchell has been in the building materials industry for 17 years, 8 of which have been at CertainTeed. In his role, Mitchell is responsible for handling technical inquiries related to gypsum and finishing products, which includes fire safety, acoustics and moisture management. Mitchell is also a LEED® AP with BD+C Specialty.


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