Tips of the Trades Vol. 3

Tips Of The Trades

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CPT sends out a big thanks to these folks who are willing to help out  their fellow brothers and sisters in arms by sharing these brilliant nuggets of jobsite wisdom.

Quik chute

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Damage Control

Here's a quick, easy, and cheap garbage disposal chute made from a footing tube form. Makes cleanup way less of an issue, plus demo debris can go right out the window and not get tracked through the rest of the house.

Submitted by @hartleyfinecarpentry

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Make a corner mock up

It makes measuring an exact science

Submitted by @lundgren.trimcorp

Easy screw container

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DIY screw container

Here's a little DIY tip. Cut some of the top off a windshield washer jug. Load it with screws. BAM!!! Easy to carry bulk screw container.

Submitted by @builttoughtooltalk

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Metal handle hammer works great for pulling nails

One thing I love about using a metal handled hammer, is that I can use the handle to strike my nail puller instead of aiming and using the face of the head. This along with the side nail puller I had in the Tibone and now the M1 makes pulling nails a breeze.

Submitted by @krugerconstruction

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Thin-set demonstration

Here's the proper way of installing thin-set. Remember, first do a skim coat and then lay out notch lines.

Submitted by @bluestartileco

Mark the grits

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Mark the grits

These Festool sanding pads are great- they just don't have the grit marked on all the sides. A black marker fixes that. Now I can easily determine what pad to grab.

Submitted by Travis Collins (@toolsbydesign)

A post shared by John Stene (@stenewoodwork) on Oct 30, 2017 at 2:28pm PDT

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One-stop door stop

I use the push button on the lock-set to mark the location of the door stop...Simple. Easy. Fast.

Submitted by John Stene (@stenewoodwork)

Loonie paint can opener

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Open a can in a pinch

A loonie makes a great paint-can opener. Other large coins work as well for the non-Canadians out there.

Submitted by @entity_contracting

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Sharkbite tip

So you say Sharkbites aren’t for “real plumbers”? I disagree. A friend of mine out in Colorado taught me this tip and I love it. Pressure relief valves are sacrificial and require replacement sometimes as soon as 2-5 years at a fairly high cost because of the time involved draining down the system. This simple step is not only safe (low temp system) but will make service a little faster and a whole lot easier.

Submitted by @mechanicalhub