Tips of the Trades Vol. 5

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CPT sends out a big thanks to these folks who are willing to help out  their fellow brothers and sisters in arms by sharing these brilliant nuggets of wisdom they picked up along the way.


A post shared by Ed Hunt (@edsterjackass) on Sep 19, 2017 at 4:20pm PDT

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Easy band removal

Here's a quick way to free your lumber when you don't have snips or even a hammer handy.

Submitted by Ed Hunt (@edsterjacka**)

Faint Pencil Guide

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Light pencil guide

One little trick I sometimes do, especially if I'm working with chunky/ rough drywall and I'm freehanding the cut-in, is I draw a faint pencil line to use as a guideline. It's not perfect, but it can definitely help if you have trouble eyeballing a straight line!

Submitted by Jeremy Dibos (@bloodsweatandsplinters)

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No-mess access to No-Coat

Quick tip when working with lots of No-Coat. Screw the box to the floor, this will prevent it from falling over or dragging as you pull the No-Coat out. Give it a try, works awesome.

Submitted by @drywallnation

Level with clamps

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Level and plumb posts

Leveling up mahogany fence posts like a boss. No need for a specific fence post level when you can use a clamp!

Submitted by Zach Dettmore (@dettmore101)

A post shared by Jeremy Dibos (@bloodsweatandsplinters) on Jul 23, 2015 at 4:23pm PDT

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Quick clean

I always make sure to keep a bucket of sand and water near by while mixing for the quickest way to clean my paddle

Submitted by Zach Dettmore (@dettmore101)

Joint installation tip

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Hang the joist off the rim board

Trying to install joists but don't have anything to bear them on? Here is a tip. Take a framing nail (pictured here are 3") and set it in the end of the joist then bend it over. This will give you something to hang the joist of the rim board while you nail it off. I use this a lot when working solo as well because it eliminates the need for a second pair of hands.

Submitted by Natasha Fritz (@naturalcarpentry)

A post shared by Jeff Stephens ( on Nov 7, 2017 at 4:52pm PST

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Eliminate loose doors

This is an original door an jamb 27 years old and with some quick adjustment the shaking is gone! Nothing special just a little trick!

Submitted by Jeff Stephens (

PVC Document Box

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Make a plans container out of spare parts

Spare parts are the way I make my site plans container. I have had the Docbox from HD but I don’t care for it because it allows water intrusion during windy rainy days. I typically only need permits for decks and screen porches so for anything less than around 10 documents this thing is perfect. Very weather proof and a small footprint

Submitted by @ncf_home_improvements

Sand paper saved by tape

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Make sandpaper last

Here's a little trick to keep those cheap sanding sheets from tearing so quickly. Just slap a few strips of duct tape on the back!

Submitted by Jeremy Dibos (@bloodsweatandsplinters)

Lineup corner beads

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Trick for lining up corner beads

Here's a tip to line up metal corner beads if you need to join them. Cut a 4-6" piece. 45 the corners and trim a 1/4" off each side. Then slide it behind your bead half way. The joined piece of bead won't take off or sink in on you while you screw it.

Submitted by Steve (@builttoughtooltalk)


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