Tips of the Trades Vol. 2

CPT sends out a big thanks to these folks who are willing to help out  their fellow brothers and sisters in arms by sharing these brilliant nuggets of wisdom they picked up along the way.

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Tips of the Trades

A post shared by Mike Di Martino (@creatixcontracting) on Oct 31, 2017 at 7:08pm PDT

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Protect your lungs

Sometimes the best tips are the simple ones! Here's a simple effective way to save your lungs!! When mixing any product that's gonna throw dust at you, pull out the vacuum!! I know most of you guys do this, but I still see guys that just throw material in a bucket and a cloud of dust smacks there face!

Submitted by Mike Di Martino (@creatixcontracting)

Keep Pencils Sharp

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Stay sharp

I always keep a piece of sandpaper under my chopsaw to keep a fine point on my pencil. As everyone knows, fine lines make for fine cuts!

Submitted by Jeff West (@westcowoodworks)


A post shared by Mechanical-Hub (@mechanicalhub) on Nov 2, 2017 at 5:00am PDT

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Solder on

Just a plumbing 101 tip. This is really helpful whenever you have to solder a union on a pipe. It may be elementary but I think this could really help someone coming up in the trade.

Submitted by Eric Aune (@mechanicalhub)



A post shared by Hollyhock Construction LTD. (@hollyhockconstruction) on Oct 16, 2017 at 9:00pm PDT

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Sink install

Some fun time lapse footage of a sink Install in laminate countertop.We used our Dewalt jigsaw padded with g-tape and ran with a laminate blade from @boschtoolsna - cuts like butter. Here's a tip: use a downcut blade to prevent visible chipout when cutting laminate. Plus, the Pica pencil makes easy work of marking taps.

Submitted by @hollyhockconstruction



Wax and Screw Trick

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Slippery screws

Here's a little tip that I knew about for a long time, but took forever to take advantage of.... WAX. Paraffin Wax to be exact. Helps to lubricate the screw/lag to make the drive MUCH easier. I use is primarily when attaching lag screws for stair rails etc, but will work in any application. You can pick it up super cheap in the canning area of your local grocery store.

Submitted by Andy Moore (@modern_oak)


A post shared by ▫️Dettmore Home Improvements▫️ (@dettmore101) on Nov 6, 2017 at 2:18pm PST

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Mass produced plugs

Just making some 1" plugs out of balau for our benches. This is by far the easiest method we've found for making a bunch all at once.

Submitted by Zack Dettmore (@dettmore101)


How to screw studs

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Stud screw tip

I had to screw down this stud into a 1-1/2” plate. Rather than trying to guesstimate the needed angle for my screw, I just sent the screw through the bottom out the face. Now I’m guaranteed to hit the plate in the center.

Submitted by @beeman_contracting


A post shared by Northwest Builder / Seth (@nwbuilder) on Nov 6, 2017 at 7:29pm PST

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Mark the fence

Sometimes when I’m making a lot of the same cuts it’s easy to just make a mark on the fence of your saw with a pencil for a quick line up.

Submitted by Seth (@nwbuilder)


Anti-slip ladder trick

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Non-slip guarantee

Here's a simple way to guarantee your ladder won't slip out on you on slippery decks... slide a 5 in 1 painters tool between the deck boards.

Submitted by @borderline_painting



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