Why Schluter’s Tile Backer Is A Game-Changer (VIDEO)

In this video, Matt Risinger sits down with an expert from Schluter and goes through the process of installing DITRA, an uncoupling product designed to prevent cracked tile and grout .


Matt Risinger is a builder in Austin, TX whose goal is to educate people on the principles of Building Science in a practical way. Matt builds homes that are dramatically more energy efficient, durable, healthy, and comfortable than most new homes in America. He has a BS in Industrial Management and has worked in construction across the United States. Since 2005 Matt has owned and operated his own company “Risinger & Co.”, which has grown to 27 people. He loves quality craftsmanship and is proud to show off his crew’s efforts on his YouTube channel. 

Thanks for sharing your terrific insight and awesome videos Matt. 

Self Leveling Underlayment

Self-leveling underlayment

If you have floors that are wavy or out of level, self-leveling underlayment is a great solution. It has many of the same advantages as a dry-pack mortar bed but doesn’t require as much skill to install. You still use metal lath, but then mix bags of powder and pour the soupy mix onto the floor. It’s also fast.

But there are downsides. Using self-leveling underlayment takes careful prep work. You have to seal every little hole in the floor so the underlayment doesn’t seep into spaces below. And most formulas harden very fast, so you have to plan carefully to mix and pour quickly. Self-leveling underlayment is also expensive. At home centers, a bag of self-leveling underlayment costs about $32. For more on how to use self-leveling underlayment, check out our story here.