How to Rig Up a Work-Proof Bandage

Duct tape and gauze come together for a bullet proof bandage solution.

Family Handyman

Over the years, as a shop rat and a carpenter, I’ve managed to cut myself probably about 5,000 times. An ordinary bandage will stay on for about 2 1/2 minutes if you’re working. So for years I’ve made my own bandages that’ll stand up to a day’s worth of shoveling, hammering or any other hands-on activity. I wrap a small gauze patch around the cut and fortify it with a strip of duct tape. It’s pretty much bulletproof for the entire day. When it’s time to peel off the tape, just remember: rip it off quick.

Here’s a check-list of the things every pro should keep in their truck (including important first aid gear).

Originally Published on The Family Handyman