2017 DeWalt Media Event

We visited the 2017 DEWALT Tough in the South media event in Nashville. Here’s a peek at some of the new products we thought stood out:



We checked out the new grinders and all their slick features, like an LED light that stays on as long as the tool is plugged in. The 20V Max XR 4.5 Angle Grinder has a excellent brake time. The wheel stops in less than three seconds, which means you can set it down almost immediately without having it take off across your workbench.


DEWALT Air Compressor
Cordless Compressor

A cordless compressor that doesn’t sacrifice power for convenience? Seems like a fantasy, but with their new FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor DEWALT is promising just that. Pairing an efficient brushless motor with heavy-duty, oil-free pump, DEWALT claims that this compressor provides the convenience of cordless while still packing the same punch as a corded tool. The compressor is lightweight at only 21.5 pounds and drives over 1,200 brad nails on a single battery charge. The FLEXVOLT Cordless Air Compressor will be available this fall and will come kitted with a battery and a charger for $299.



Cordless Concrete Nailer

Cordless Concrete Nailer

DEWALT’s new 20V MAX Cordless Concrete Nailer is all-electric (no gas) but still has all of the power necessary to drive nails into concrete. Plus, it’s quiet and features what DEWALT claims is the lowest amount of recoil among competitive models. It also has variable power settings so you can adjust when you’re driving into hollow block versus hard concrete or steel. The Cordless Concrete Nailer is available now in stores and online and comes bare for $599.



Dual-handle Paddle Mixer

Paddle Mixer

Continuing their quest to make a cordless version of every tool, DEWALT also introduced the FLEXVOLT Dual Handle Paddle Mixer. It has a 5/8-inch keyed chuck, so it works with most paddles made for mixing thin-set, mortar and concrete. The Dual-Handle Paddle has rubber over-molding and allows for much more control than the traditional pistol-grip. The Dual-Handle combines with a 250-700 RPM variable speed dial, meaning that there’s much less of a mess. The FLEXVOLT Dual-Handle Paddle Mixer will become available in January 2018.



DEWALT 20V Cable Stripper

Holy Cable Stripper Batman

This cable stripper gets the job done fast. The 20v MAX XR Cable Stripper is a great power tool for the commercial electrician. It easily removes up to four inches of rubber jacket insulation from large wires. The amount of rubber removed can be easily adjusted with a depth gauge, and the tool never damages the wiring underneath. It has a forward/reverse variable speed trigger for great control. Overall, the 20V Max Cable Stripper makes a formerly tricky job quick and painless, plus it’s just really cool.


Laser Distance Measurer

Going the Distance

DEWALT’s new line of Laser Distance Measurers are three powerful little tools that make it much easier to quickly scan for an accurate measurement. The 100 Foot model comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can store measurements right on your phone’s DEWALT Tool Connect App. The mid-range model measures up to 60 feet and has the same backlit, easy-to-read screen as its big brother. Then there’s the pocket sized model, which is actually a pretty nifty little tool that measures up to 30 feet and has a rechargeable battery. What I really like about the little guy is that it’s simple to use: push once—laser comes on / push a 2nd time—record the measurement.  The three models are available now and range in price from $19.99 to $99.99.



Brad Nailer

Brad Nailer Lineup

DeWalts family of cordless nail guns now includes a flooring nailer. I was most impressed with the response of the brad nailers. There isn’t the “lag” that I’ve experienced with other nailers.

Nailer by dailymotionCPT


 XP Tape Measure

Now here’s a heavy duty tape! The new 35-foot XP Tape Measure is designed for extended performance and we could tell. One demonstrator pulled the tape out to see how far it would extend on its own…he made it almost 160 inches. My old tape measure barely made it to eight feet!

DEWALT also showed how durable the surface of the tape is, making over thirty passes along its length with 30-grit sandpaper (video below). The tape showed very little signs of wear. The hook is tough too and is wide enough to easily grab onto most surfaces. The 35-foot version of the XP Tape Measure will be available soon for $39.99.


Innovative Illumination

DEWALT’s new 20V MAX Cordless Tripod Light has plenty to brag about. The design makes setup and takedown crazy convenient, with it’s telescoping frame collapsing in and out of its set-up position. Plus, it’s completely cordless (of course), meaning that you can work pretty much anywhere without having to worry about creating trip hazards with extension cords. The light has three brightness settings so it can help whether you’re an electrician trying to see in an unfinished basement or a painter trying to eliminate shadows from a wall. The Cordless Tripod Light will be available in fall 2018 and will come kitted with a battery and charger for $329.


Breakaway blades

Breakaway Recip Blades

Tired of throwing away what seem like half-used reciprocating saw blades? DEWALT has an answer to this problem in their new BREAKAWAY Reciprocating Saw Blades. These blades are designed to snap in two after the lower portion of the blade has been used, leaving behind the part of the blade that hasn’t seen much action.

The blades come in two size, six-inch and nine-inch. The six-inch blade breaks down into a four-inch blade and the nine-inch into a six-inch version, leaving you with plenty of blade left to cut with. The BREAKAWAY blades are still strong enough to cut through pipe, conduit and metal studs. They are available in hardware stores and home centers.