Stuff We Love: Demolition Tools That Pull Their Weight and Then Some

Get your demo done in no time with these four go-to tools.

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This week on Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck discusses essential demolition tools and reviews some of the latest and greatest in that category. The line up includes a demo-specific hammer from Dewalt, a very modern sledge hammer from Hart, the formidable Fubar pry bar from Stanley and an amazing reciprocating saw from Bosch.

To get Marty's take on why these tools are perfect for tearing stuff apart, watch this video below. For a complete profile of each tool and where to buy them, read on.

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Dewalt Demo Hammer

A hammer's primary function is to drive nails. This one will do that, but it really shines when you have to tear stuff apart. The enlarged claw curve enables you to pull nails much easier than a conventional hammer; there is also a side nail puller for tight spaces. That long claw combined with the spur on top of the handle allows you to twist and pull on dimensional lumber. The 22-ounce head has a smooth face and the long-ish 8-1/4-in. handle yields a lot of leverage with a very comfortable rubber grip.

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Hart Sledgehammer

Hart has been making hammers for a long time, and this sledge is a testimony to their legacy. The design of the 12-pound head claims to yield  40 percent more efficiency in striking force. There are also side strikes on the head for better contact when swinging sideways. The fiberglass handle reduces vibration, which along with the high-density rubber grip, will decrease your arm fatigue. There is also a solid strike guard around the handle by the head, which will prevent damage to the handle. Hart also makes an 8-pound version of this, which might enable you to swing this hammer all day long!

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Stanley FatMax Xtreme Fubar

Stanley has aptly named this new-school pry bar the Fubar because it is so capable of demolishing just about anything beyond all recognition. It's a hybrid tool that combines demo specific features with the traditional purpose of a pry bar. The smooth-face hammerhead opposite the claw turns it into a mini sledgehammer of sorts. The claw has a long beveled nail slot along with a large integrated ripping hook that will grab 2x stock. There is also another smaller jaw for grabbing 1x material. The 30-in. bar is built of one piece of forged steel with a tough powder coated finish and weighs in at about 9 pounds. The textured grips feel good and won't slip out of your hand. If I had to choose one tool only to tear down a house, this would be it!

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Bosch Misfit Reciprocating Saw

Corded tools are no fun when doing demo. They will inevitably get snagged on something, yanked by falling debris or buried in a pile of rubble. The Bosch Misfit is part of a new class of more powerful saws that eliminate these problems. It is the first in its class to have three orbital adjustments on its 1-1/2-in. blade stroke. The brushless motor runs on Bosch's powerful 18-volt core batteries that Bosch claims to be as powerful as batteries 35 percent larger. The offset motor has little vibration and creates a grip design that allows you to grab the saw in a variety of ways. This is great for those sometimes awkward positions, especially on a ladder. There is a variable speed control on top of the handle along with a fold out hanger hook. The toolless blade change system is the best I've seen and there are bright LED lights tucked into the adjustable sole plate. A solid reciprocating saw is not only essential for demo work, it's also something that you want within reach on any jobsite. This is one of the best choices out there.

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