Four Tapes- A Thousand Uses (Sponsored)

This post is sponsored by ShurTech T-Rex

No job site toolbox is complete without a roll of duct tape. Who hasn’t used duct tape to repair a busted tool, patch up holes in a work glove, or hold together an exploded tube of caulk? The uses for this iconic silver-gray tape are almost endless, but believe it or not, for some jobs, there are better options. Check out these four specialty tapes the next time you need a quick fix or solid solution on the job.

T-Rex® Ferociously Strong Tape®

If you could only choose one tape (heaven forbid), you couldn’t make a better choice than T-Rex® Tape. Compared to your dad’s duct tape of old, T-Rex Tape is stronger, lasts longer and is made to withstand all weather conditions. It also comes in a number of useful colors and sizes.

We asked Stephen Wagner, Product Manager of T-Rex® Tapes, what makes T-Rex Tape so versatile compared to all the other duct tape choices out there?

“The great thing about T-Rex® Tape is that it’s built with premium all-weather materials that allow it to withstand crazy temperatures and weather conditions. It also uses a double thick adhesive that sticks to rougher and dirtier surfaces that ordinary duct tapes likely won’t stick to.  Because of these qualities, you can typically get a job done with much less tape than a standard utility grade duct tape would require, saving you time, and probably some money too!”

T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape

Let’s face it, a jobsite can be a dangerous place. And while there’s no way to eliminate all the heights, pointy objects and trip hazards, there are certain steps that can be taken to make every workplace safer. Rain and mud create slippery surfaces. You can reduce slipping related injuries by installing T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape on ladder rungs, trailer fenders and temporary steps outside a building.  But, the important thing here is knowing the material will keep you safe day after day.

“T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape is built in an entirely different way than other anti-skid/slip tapes on the market,” says Stephen Wagner.  “While typical tread products are built like sand paper (where the grit materials are simply glued to a tape much like an ordinary sand paper), T-Rex® Extreme Tread Tape actually embeds larger grit ‘crystals’ in a resin based material that keeps them from being worn down, or rubbed off over time.  Combine that with a very aggressive adhesive that withstands temperatures as low as -70F, this tape will stay in place far longer than ordinary tread products.”  

T-Rex® Waterproof Tape 

Imagine, you’re ripping through a wall with a reciprocating saw on a remodel project.  You accidentally cut into a PVC drain pipe you didn’t know was lurking in the wall cavity. You know a plumber would charge a small fortune to make an emergency visit, but the homeowner would prefer to use her kitchen sink sooner than later. Here’s another option: cover the hole with T-Rex® Waterproof Tape. Honestly, the tape could probably do the job forever, but if you want, you can schedule a plumber at your (and their) convenience.

T-Rex® Brute Force™ Tape 

Duct tape is super handy, but sometimes you just need that extra oomph. That’s where T-Rex® Brute Force™ Tape comes in. One individual loop of Brute Force can lift over 700-lbs! So think banding straps on lumber, temporarily propping up a fence post, mending a wheel barrow handle, or whatever task that requires preposterously strong tape.

We asked Stephen Wagner, how is Brute Force™ so much stronger than other regular duct tapes on the market?

“T-Rex Brute Force Tape is a completely re-engineered duct tape.  It  was developed with patent pending Forge Link™ Technology, which means we’ve incorporated high tensile fibers into the normal duct tape mesh to give this tape incredible strength. Because of this newfound strength, we can hold more and do more projects with a duct tape than ever before. While these aren’t recommended uses, we had our tape professionals conduct some extreme real-world tests that involved using Brute Force to pull branches out of trees, tow an ATV stuck in a ditch, and even pull a tube behind a boat with only 1 layer of tape! This just goes to show that T-Rex Brute Force Tape is tough enough to handle any project, on any job site.”

The strength, rugged durability, and weather resistant qualities make all these different types of tapes a premium option for your toolbox. Any one, or all of them, just may be able to save your bacon the next time you need a quick fix or solid solution on the job. Learn more about these tapes as well as other T-Rex® Brand products at