Normally the task of securing rafters and trusses to the top plate is a job for “the new guy.” That’s because climbing up a ladder dozens of times to drive in a thousand hanger nails just ain’t no fun at all. I’m not sure work is supposed to be “fun” but it certainly doesn’t have to be horrible. Thankfully, FastenMaster has introduced a new code compliant system to replace those dreaded hurricane clips, while also eliminating the need for ladders!

The FrameFast WOOD FRAMING SYSTEM is similar to other fastener extension arms except this one is designed to saddle a truss or rafter. It drives in a 6” structural screw fitted with a trim head through the two top plates and into the truss or rafter. The alignment wings on the head of the tool can be folded back for girder trusses and to make it easier to get at those hard-to-reach locations. The screws are loaded one at a time, no auto feed. The head is easy to pop off, which exposes the driver bit in case you need to remove a screw. The FrameFast looks like so much fun to use that you may have to find a different job for the new guy. The tool comes complete with a high torque Milwaukee Drill and costs $550. The screws cost $0.5 – $0.65. Contact your local rep to find out where to buy.