One Pro’s Favorite Tools for Working With Tile

Great gear for an easier job and better results


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Margin Trowel

My margin trowel is in constant use throughout every tile job, so I spent a few bucks extra on this high-quality model. I especially like the soft rubber-coated handle, which doesn’t get slippery when wet and doesn’t give me blisters.

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Mini Tool Pouch

Tile work usually means constant kneeling and bending—so carrying tools in pockets or a tool belt isn’t practical. For my latest tile job, I finally got a small pouch, perfectly sized a few essential tools. And since it’s inexpensive, I don’t care if it gets caked with adhesive or grout.

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Smooth Cap Kneepads

Every tile setter has a different opinion on kneepads. Here’s mine: Go with smooth, hard plastic rather than textured rubber or fabric. I like being able to slide along—rather than crawl—as I work. Better yet, wiping thinset or grout off of them is easy.

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Suction cup

When a large tile is set too deep or tilted, a suction cup is a lifesaver—it lets you lift the misaligned tile without disturbing the others. There are special suction cups designed just for tile work, but I’ve always used a cheapie. Keep in mind that suction cups don’t work well on rough surfaces like slate.

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Tile Leveling System

On large tiles (12x12 or larger), uneven edges are a huge frustration, so many pros now use clips that lock edges in plane. These wedge-style clips can be used with special pliers, but I found that inserting wedges by hand works fine, too.

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Originally Published on The Family Handyman