Check Out These Redesigned Chainsaws From Husqvarna

Husqvarna's redesigned chainsaws are top tier machines made to rip through lumber. Find out more here.

Husqvarna saw in an expanded view | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Husqvarna

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New and Improved Chainsaws From Husqvarna

Husqvarna started making chainsaws 60 years ago, and to celebrate they invited a bunch of dealers and media professionals out to Asheville, North Carolina. Of course, this Swedish company has been around longer than 60 years...a lot longer. Husqvarna started out as a weapons foundry in 1689, which means they started making products 87 years before the United States of America even became the United States of America

At the event we got to try out Husqvarna's five redesigned saws, the 50cc 550XP Mark II and 545 Mark IIthe 70cc class 572XP® and 565, and the top-handle T252 arborist saw. They also introduced some cool new gear as well. 

Cutting into a tree with a husqvarna chainsaw | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Husqvarna

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Improved Gyroscopic Effect

The overall balance of these new Husqvarna chainsaws has been improved, but that's not all that's changed. These saws are designed to reduce what's known as "the gyroscopic effect". A spinning chain causes a saw to move around like a gyroscope. If you've ever spent more than a couple hours running a larger saw, you know that fighting the gyroscope effect takes effort, and that extra effort causes fatigue. Bottom line, by including mechanisms that counter the gyroscopic affect it takes less effort to run these new saws, and that’s a big deal.  

Cutting into a fallen tree with a Husqvarna chainsaw | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Husqvarna

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Perfected AutoTune Technology

All of Husqvarna's new saws have a higher cutting capacity. Part of the reason for this is their new and improved AutoTune technology. AutoTune keeps the engine running at peak performance by automatically compensating for variations in altitude, fuel types and mixtures, humidity, temperature and the condition of the air filter. The updated version of AutoTune works better and is much easier to calibrate than the previous version. The T252 is the only new Husqvarna saw without this feature.

Husqvarna saw cooling system | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Husqvarna

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Cool and Easy Engineering

Another contributing factor to the increase in cutting capacity is that Husqvarna spent a lot of engineering brainpower on better ways of keeping the engine cool. That’s because a cool engine produces more power. One way they did this was to include a heat-shield into the cover. And speaking of covers, the cover on these new saws is easier than ever to remove for maintenance.    

Mechanisms inside of the new Husqvarna chainsaw | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Husqvarna

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Flood Proof Primer Bulb

Are you an overly-aggressive primer bulb pusher? You need to hide this shameful affliction in disgrace no longer. You can push the primer bulb on these saws till the cows come home, and the carb will not get flooded.  

the newly redesigned chains on husqvarna chainsaws
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New Chain Design

Husqvarna recently started making their own chains for the first time (most chainsaw manufactures don’t). Theres nothing overly-intriguing about chains, but they did add one smart feature that every person who has ever sharpened a blade will appreciate- they made one of the chain links gold. That way if you start sharpening at that golden point, you know where to stop.    

New logging gear available from Husqvarna
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Husqvarna Tree Cutting Gear

Husqvarna also showcased a lot of impressive gear. My favorite improvement they made was on their helmets. They now make an adjustable head band similar to those on a traditional welder’s helmet. Sometimes it seems that headbands can stretch out a bit as you wear them, and readjusting snap bands is a pain. Dialing in the perfect fit with these new helmets is a breeze.