2018 Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Redesign

The 2018 Polaris RANGER® XP 1000 has been completely redesigned. The list of improvements is impressive and the new styling looks great!


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The New Polaris Ranger

Polaris Industries recently invited us out to visit their R&D facility in Wyoming MN, to check out the unveiling of the new Polaris Ranger XP 1000. The Ranger didn’t just get a facelift but rather a full redesign. After filling us in on all the upgrades, we got to have a little fun in the mud. And yes, it was a blast. I’m not going to mention all of the 100+ improvements that Polaris integrated into the new Ranger XP 1000, but here are some of the ones that I thought were worth a mention.

Josh Risberg

Ranger Clearance

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Higher clearance

An additional inch of ground clearance brings the total to an industry-leading 13 inches. That means less bottoming out on rutted trails and the occasional downed tree. And the full-body skid plate will protect your goodies if you do hit rock bottom.

Suspension travel

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Increased travel

The suspension travel has been increased to 11 inches. The increase in travel improves what already was a super smooth ride.

Giant teeter totter

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Smoother power

The “Work mode” has a low-speed clutch engagement, which prevents that dreaded jerky throttle response. Perfect when backing up to a trailer, navigating tight turns or driving over a giant teeter-totter.

ranger towing capacity

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More towing capacity

The XP 1000 produces 82 pony power, and the new Ranger has a tow capacity of 2,500-lbs. That’s 25% more than last year’s model.

Leg Room

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Added foot space and legroom

The opening at the bottom of the cab has five inches more clearance for your feet, which makes climbing in and out much, much easier, especially in the winter when sporting bulky insulated boots. Once inside the increased legroom makes it noticeably more comfortable.

Polaris Ranger Box

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Upgraded box

The new box is tougher, bigger and has stylish wheel cutouts, which makes the machine look more like a pick-up and less like a stake truck. Polaris also redesigned the underside so it can be cleaned out easier. I wish every manufacturer paid more attention to clean up, which is always a time consuming and frustrating endeavor to say the least.

Polaris Ranger Bumper

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Solid stock bumper

The redesigned front end looks great, and should continue to look great because it will be protected by a stock, heavy-duty bumper that was previously an accessory upgrade. This beefy bumper includes vehicle tie-down hooks, plow mounts, and mounting points for a winch and lighting accessories.

Ranger Cab

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Cleaner cab

The cab is fully customizable and, when buttoned up, allows very little dust to infiltrate the interior. They tested their cab against the competition in a controlled dirt chamber (or something of the sort). The jars in the photo show how much sand was extracted from the Ranger cab vs. the others. I’m sure they learned a few lessons from all the Polaris machines serving our military in the Middle East.

Josh Risberg Will Leighton

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Meet Josh and Will

Josh Risberg is an extreme motorsports enthusiast and resident tool guru for CPT.

Will Leighton is the CPT video producer extraordinaire.


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