This Is What’s New in Garage Doors


Depending on a home’s design, the garage door may be one of the first elements people see when they pull in the driveway. If you’re in the market for a new garage door or want to put the finishing touches a newly constructed home, here’s a look at what’s new when it comes to materials and technology.

1. Garage door styles have probably come a long way since you last bought one. No matter what your home’s style, there’s a garage door that will complement it. Some are sleek, some have carriage-house doors and intricate detailing and all types of garage doors can include windows, whether frosted, clear, rectangular or arched. You’ll have choices.

2. Today’s garage doors require little maintenance as they are built with materials that withstand the elements and will look great for years, according to U.S. News and World Report. You’ll find garage doors made of steel, fiberglass composites, wood and aluminum.

3. When shopping for a new garage door, be sure to have a budget in mind as you can easily spend several thousand dollars. Remodeling magazine notes the average national cost of a garage door replacement is about $3,300, although you can pay as little as $400 for a no-frills door you install yourself.

4. If your garage is attached to your home or if it is used for a workshop or any kind of living space, it needs to be energy efficient and many of today’s doors fit that bill. If heat loss is a concern, look for a garage door with polyurethane foam insulation, as it is the best insulator on the market, according to Garaga, one of the leading manufacturers of garage doors. Also, pay attention to door’s exterior weather stripping, which is made of PVC. The weather stripping’s quality can be measured by its flexibility at below freezing temperatures, and garage door manufacturers note you get what you pay for when it comes to weather stripping.

5. Today’s garage doors use the same technology you may use to control your thermostat and your house lights. Custom Door and Gate notes technology available in garage doors today allows you to set a daily schedule that will open and close the door throughout the day, apps that let your monitor your garage while you’re away and you can even link it to other smart devices like your Nest thermostat.


Originally Published on The Family Handyman