Check Out These All-American Tools

Every single one of these high-quality tools is produced and manufactured right here in America.

Courtesy Midwestern Tools

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Midwest Snips

Midwest Tools and Cutlery has been making cutting tools in America since 1945. Their snips are some of the best in the game and are used by siding, roofing and metalworking professionals across the country.

Courtesy Crick Tool

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Crick Tool Wooden Level

Crick Tool's premium levels are handcrafted from either maple, cherry, or beach wood and can be fully customized on their website. Change vial colors, add rubber cushions, throw on some scuff plates, even give the level engravings on the binding and the plates. The only problem is that by the time you are finished designing one of these levels, they might be almost too pretty to use... (almost).

To buy a Crick Tool 48 Inch Wood Level on Amazon, click here.

Courtesy SawStop

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Saw Stop Contractor's Saw

SawStop's first headquarters was based out of a barn in Tualatin, Oregon. Now the company makes table saws for contractors across North America, all of which feature SawStop's digit-saving technology that immediately stops the saw blade from spinning if human skin comes near it. If you are in the market for a new table saw and are a fan of your fingers and American companies, check out a SawStop.

Courtesy Channellock

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Channellock Premium Tool Set

The first Channellock tools were actually designed for trimming and shoeing horse hooves. Now, close to 150 years later, the tool company has transformed into one of the premier makers of pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches in the country.

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Bridge City Tools Works Block Plane

John Economaki was forced to quit woodworking when he became hyper-allergic to wood dust and contracted pneumonia. Now, John designs tools for his company Bridge City Tools with an emphasis on "merging functionality with aesthetics". Just look at the block plane above for a perfect example of that design influence.

Courtesy Stiletto

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Stiletto Titanium Nail Puller

"Stiletto" is an Italian word, but the company bearing that name is purely American and has been producing high-quality tools since the early days of the California Gold Rush. Stiletto makes titanium tools that are built to take a beating, like the nail puller pictured above.

Courtesy Klein Tools

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Klein Tool's Borescope

When Klein Tools began in 1857, camera technology was still barely in its infancy. Now, six generations of the Klein family later, the company produces a borescope that sends video and images directly to smartphones up to 30 feet away. Technology may have changed, but Klein Tool's dedication to American manufacturing has not.

Courtesy Blue Spruce Toolworks

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Blue Spruce Fret Saw

Founded in 2002, Blue Spruce Toolworks is a lot younger than a lot of the companies on this list, but what they lack in experience they make up for in innovative designs and awesome aesthetics. The fret saws pictured above can be fully customized and then purchased through the Blue Spruce website.

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Kraft Tool Concrete Float with Cork Handle

Kraft Tool's elite series of drywall and concrete tools put some of the others in that category to shame. They're made from premium materials, with drywall blades crafted from carbon and stainless steel to concrete floats with handles made from durable cork.

Courtesy American Workbench

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American Workbench

Sure, a workbench might not technically be considered a tool, but this one is too well-made to ignore. American Workbench's handcrafted woodworking bench is the kind of quality craftsmanship that inspires the work done on it to be better.

Courtesy Purdy

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Purdy Ten-in-One Painter's Tool

Purdy has been making tools for painter for 85 years. The ten-in-one painter's tool pictured above takes all of the know-how they've collected over that time and places it into one tool that can set nails, open cans, clean rollers. You can buy one on Amazon here.