Latest and Greatest: August 2018

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Latest and Greatest Tools from August 2018

Here at CPT, we're always on the lookout for new tool releases. Once a month we wade through new product announcements and pick out a few of the tools we think are worth a mention. So if you need to replace a trusty tool that's seen better days, are trying to become more efficient on the job, or just like to check out new and innovative products and equipment, read on. 

The body of Milwaukee's cordless stubby impact wrench | Construction Pro Tips

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Milwaukee Stubby Impacts

An impact wrench that can fit into all sorts of nooks and crannies? Sign us up! Milwaukee Tool’s new M12 Fuel Stubby Impact Wrenches are an industry first. They combine the power of the M12 platform with a small, compact design so they can fit into tight spots you may have not been able to reach with a bulkier tool. But the compacted design doesn’t mean that you are going to sacrifice power- these impact wrenches still boast 250 ft.-lb. of breakaway torque. That should be more than enough to remove even the stickiest bolts and fasteners.

The M12 Fuel Stubby Impact Wrenches will be available September 2018 in ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes. They will be sold online and in stores starting at $149.00 (bare tool).

Customizable canvas bags from Klein Tools | Construction Pro Tips

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Canvas Bags from Klein

Make it clear which tools on the jobsite are yours with Klein Tool’s Signature Series Canvas Tool Bags, now with custom labeling. The custom labels look great, embroidered on the front of the bag in big, bold font that stands out. You can use up to 15 characters to spell out whatever suits your fancy, whether it’s your name, your company’s name, your favorite team, or a meaningful catch phrase. The bags themselves are the same high quality that you would expect from Klein Tools, with stitched and riveted leather handles, tough canvas sides and a moisture-resistant bottom.  Klein Tool's Signature Series Canvas Tool Bags come in four sizes (12-in., 14-in., 16-in., and 18-in.) and are available only at the Klein website, with prices starting at $99.99.

Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum from Bosch | Construction Pro Tips

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Bosch Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

Bosch’s new Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner is great for pros who recognize the value of cleaning their jobsite at the end of the day but are tired of lugging around a cumbersome corded monster of a vacuum. This vac from Bosch is completely cordless and only weighs 10.2 pounds. Combine that with high-powered suction and a washable HEPA filter and you’ve got a powerful but maneuverable cleaning tool. The vacuum also has plenty of space, with a 2.6 gallon tank giving you more than enough room for all of the debris you’ll suck up over the vacuum’s 24 minute runtime (runtime based on high-power vacuuming using Bosch’s 18V 6.0 Ah battery). The Bosch Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased now online and in stores for $121.98. 

Holding the safety knife from OLFA with thumb on the release | Construction Pro Tips

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OLFA Safety Knife

OLFA’s new fully-automatic Safety Knife with Blade Guard puts an emphasis on safety. These knives are designed to make cutting through cardboard, shrink wrap and other packaging much safer with a simple blade retraction system. If a thumb is on the  blade slide during a cut, nothing happens. But if the thumb is removed from the slide the blade will retract as soon as it loses contact with the cutting surface. That way the blade is only out in the open when it is actually needed, lowering the potential for accidents. Safety features aside, the OLFA Safety Knife is also just a quality knife, with a compact and comfortable grip that fits both right and left-handed users and is a bright, hard to miss yellow color.  The OLFA Safety Knife can be purchased online and in stores for $12.67.

Blue cooling jacket from Makita | Construction Pro Tips

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Makita Cooling Jacket

“Put on a jacket” is not a typical solution to escaping a hot day. At least it wasn’t until Makita unveiled their new Lithium-Ion Cordless UV Resistant Fan Jacket. The jacket is made from a light, titanium-coated polyester that protects against the sun’s rays. What really makes it special, though, is a power source that accepts Makita batteries and powers two fan units in the left and right side of the jacket. These fans provide 15 hours of air circulation inside the jacket, keeping you cool and fresh-feeling over the course of a work day. For maximum cooling Makita has also built-in two ice pack storage compartments on the back of the jacket. As an added bonus the jacket has an on-board USB power port for convenient, in-pocket device charging. The Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless UV Resistant Fan Jacket is available in stores and online for $242.15.

People removing landscaping equipment from Greenwork's solar truck | Construction Pro Tips

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Greenworks Solar Truck

Thanks to a partnership between Greenworks Commercial and Super Lawn Technologies, solar power is now portable. The new “Solar Lawn Truck” is a vehicle lined with solar panels. The idea is that professional landscapers would use this truck just like any other to haul around all of their equipment. The truck would then act as a portable charging station on the job, using the power of the sun to provide every-day energy to landscaping tools Being able to charge equipment while in the field without worrying about outlets or gas cans is a huge advantage.

And the coolest thing is you might get the chance to try it out for free. Super Lawn Technologies is inviting professional landscapers with a 2-3 person crew and at least three years of business experience to apply to become testers of the new Solar Lawn Truck and Greenworks Commercial’s 82V tool system. Plus, landscapers who are accepted into the Beta Testing Program and then decide to buy or lease the Solar Lawn Truck will be provided with $6,000  worth of Greenworks Commercial tools. To apply visit

Using OLFA's Rolled Material Cutter on fake turf | Construction Pro Tips

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Olfa Rolled Material Cutter

Olfa’s new Rolled Material Cutter is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time cutting carpet or any other rolled material. It’s designed with a solid base that prevents the cutter from damaging any other surfaces. The cutter has an enclosed 45mm rotary blade that easily and effectively slices through anything on a roll, including paper, linoleum carpet, and turf. Plus, a comfortable, ergonomic handle means that users can make plenty of cuts without hand fatigue or cramping. Olfa’s Rolled Material Cutter is available now in stores and online for $29.99.   

An assortment of metal cutting tools from Klein Tools | Construction Pro Tips

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Klein Metal Cutting Tools

Klein Tools are not just for electricians anymore. The 150+-year-old company recently launched a complete line of duct and sheet metal tools that includes a new Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter, HVAC Hand Notcher, Tins Snips, and a Hole Cutter. Like all Klein Tools these duct and sheet metal tools are durable and well-crafted, with all-steel construction and nickel-chrome plated hardware. Each tool also features a contoured grip and a convenient self-opening latch for easy, one-handed operation. For more information and prices on each individual tool, click the links above. 

Man using angle grinder while sparks fly everywhere | Construction Pro Tips

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DEWALT Corded Grinders

DEWALT recently announced the launch of five corded grinders with efficient brushless motors that combine durability with intuitive safety features. Each of these new grinders comes with DEWALT’s E-Clutch System and Kickback Brake technology. The E-Clutch System shuts down the motor of the grinder automatically as soon as any wheel pinch is detected, and works with the Kickback Brake to shut the tool down if a pinch or stall is detected. In addition to the E-Clutch System and the Kickback Brake, these grinders are all part of DEWALT’s new PERFORM AND PROTECT line of tools. Every tool in the PERFORM AND PROTECT line is designed to provide more control, dust containment or low vibration (or a combination of these three things). The Brushless Corded Grinders are available now anywhere DEWALT products are sold and include the following tools:

DWE43214N: 5” Brushless Paddle Switch Small Angle Grinder, Kickback Brake, No Lock-On – MSRP $209

DWE43231VS: 5” Brushless Small Angle Grinder, Variable Speed Slide Switch, Kickback Brake – MSRP $219

DWE43265N: 5”/ 6” Brushless Small Angle Grinder – MSRP $229

DWE43244N: 6” Brushless High Performance Paddle Switch Grinder – MSRP $229

DWE43840CN: 7” Brushless Small Angle Grinder – MSRP $259 

A chainsaw with the handle on the top of the unit | Construction Pro Tips

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Cordless Arborist Saw

You tree guys already know this, but many occasional-chainsaw-operators may not. Regular chainsaws typically have their handles on the end of the tool and on top, which makes it a two-handed affair. An arborist chainsaw has just has a handle on the top. A top-handled chainsaw is ideal for landscaping professionals who spend a lot of time trimming branches because maneuvering a one-handed saw is much easier.

Greenworks Commercial’s new GS 110 10 Inch Top Handle Chainsaw has a compact and light design, which is combined with the convenience of a lithium-ion. Also, no more standing on one foot, patting your head, and rubbing your stomach at the same time in order to get the motor to start. This powerful brushless motor starts with just one push of a button. For more information or to find a local dealer that carries the GS110, click here.