Latest and Greatest January 2019

January was a good month for new tools and gear. Check out the latest and greatest here.

3D printer with printed components around it | Construction Pro Tips

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Dremel 3D Printer

3D printing is being used to create small machine parts, complex prototypes, and even bridges and housing. Dremel is releasing the affordable 3D40 Flex 3D printer in order to get this quickly evolving and dynamic technology into the hands of more builders and makers. The 3D40 Flex is designed to make 3D printing simpler and more accessible. In draft mode, it prints at speeds 30 percent faster than previous models. The 3D40 Flex also includes a flexible build plate that makes removing parts after printing much easier and more efficient. Plus, its higher resolution means that the printed pieces can be even more intricate than before, with features like arches, engravings, and other small details. The 3D40 Flex can be purchased $1,299 compare that to other models. More information can be found on the Dremel Website. 

Chainsaws from Husqvarna | Construction Pro Tips

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Husqvarna ChainSaws

Husqvarna released their first saw 60 years ago.  They recently released a complete redesign of the 50cc chainsaw line, with an emphasis placed on cutting capacity, maneuverability and endurance. Essentially, Husqvarna optimized these chainsaws to make them perfect for harvest and urban forestry. An increase in cooling capacity (up 13% from previous generations) coupled with a new air filter design give these saws the highest endurance. The balance of the saw was also improved during on this new generation of saws, providing more maneuverability and better handling. There are two saws in this new line, the 545 Mark II ($539.95) and the 550 XP Mark II ($599.95). For more information on each and to see when these saws will be available for purchase, click here. 

DEWALT Power Actuated Tool | Construction Pro Tips

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DEWALT Powder Actuated Tool

DEWALT’s new Powder-Actuated tool is all about brute force and speed. The tool is fully automatic and compatible with the standard .27 caliber load safety strips. The speed of the fully-automatic fastening makes this powder-actuated tool ideal for high-capacity commercial and residential construction jobs. When used with the optional Accessory Magazine (DFD2703) the tool can also be used to fasten collated pins. DEWALT’s new Fully-Automatic .27 Caliber Powder Actuated Tool can be purchased in a Single Shot Kit ($749) and a Magazine & Single Shot Kit ($849) starting in Summer 2019. 

Cold-weather gear from Milwaukee | Construction Pro Tips
Milwaukee Tool

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Milwaukee Gear

For those looking to upgrade or replace their trusty cold-weather gear, check out Milwaukee Tool’s new line of heavy-duty construction clothing and outerwear. The line is built to keep pros layered and comfortable, including sweat-wicking performance shirts, reinforced overalls, and coats and jackets designed specifically for the trades. The overalls and jackets are made with Milwaukee’s NO DAYS OFF Weather Protection, which provides wind and water resistance along with a warm, insulated interior. For more information on everything in Milwaukee’s line of non-heated gear.

Rockler Corner Clamps | Construction Pro Tips

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Rocker Clamp-It Clips

Building a box is often a woodworker’s first project, and most learn right away that holding all the pieces in place square and true while fastening them together can be a challenge. Miter clamps work great, except when making large boxes. Clamping just one side of the assembly is not enough to hold things steady. But now Rockler has solved that problem. Their new Clamp-it Clips are designed to keep the non-clamped side of the parts in place and at perfect right angles. They could also be used by themselves on smaller boxes. Clamp-It Clips come in two sizes, ½-in. and ¾-in. They can be purchased in packs of four for $9.99 here.  

QUIK-LOK tool system from Milwaukee | Construction Pro Tips
Milwaukee Tool

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Milwaukee QUIK-LOK

Over the last few years, several tool companies have released outdoor power equipment platforms that are essentially a power head and a shaft that can be fitted with multiple attachments, including pole saws, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers, etc. Milwaukee just announce that they’re throwing their hat into this ring as well with the release of the QUIK-LOK system, a “multi-head solution” running on the 18Fuel Milwaukee battery platform. Like other multi-head platforms the QUIK-LOK system is a cost-saving, maintenance-reducing, space-saver. This is especially good news for those of you who are already running other Milwaukee M18 tools. The QUIK-LOK system will be sold in two different tool kits:

Both of these kits come with an M18™ REDLITHIUM™ High Demand 9.0 Battery Pack and a Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger. A QUIK-LOK Edger Attachment ($109) and a QUIK-LOK Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment ($164) will be available soon.

A Bosch Grinder with X-Lock Technology | Construction Pro Tips

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Bosch X Lock

Bosch’s X-Lock Interface for angle grinders makes switching out grinder wheels much more efficient. The X-Lock system makes it possible to change grinder accessories without a special tool. Wheels can be ejected with just the pull of a lever and connected just as easily. Bosch claims that this system is up to 3x faster than using a spanner wrench, and that’s assuming you can find the darn wrench in the first place. Eliminating the need for a spanner wrench to remove grinder accessories is a game changer. We can’t wait to try out the X-Lock Interface, which will soon be available on new Bosch grinders. Find out more here. 

Kitchen Knife Sharpener | Construction Pro Tips
MPower Tools

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Sharper Knives

MPOWER Tools has been making products for woodworkers for a long time. One of their most popular tools is the easy-to-use FASTTRACK chisel and plane blade sharpener, which incorporates a unique diamond stone system. Now MPOWER Tools has created a kitchen knife sharpener using the same technology. What makes this knife sharpener shine over others is the larger guide-surface designed to keep the blade at a consistent angle to the abrasive stone. So, when both sides are ground, the edge is perfectly centered down the whole length of the blade. Also, the back of the sharpener is fitted with a leather honing strop which works great at removing any tiny burrs or wires that were left behind. The MPOWER FASTTRACK Kitchen Knife Sharpener costs $39.95 and comes with one 220# diamond stone. The knife sharpener uses the same stones as the chisel and plane blade sharpener. Find out more here. 

A long chalk reel from Milwaukee Tool | Construction Pro Tips
Milwaukee Tool

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Milwaukee Chalk Reel

Milwaukee’s latest chalk reels are made for pros who are serious about their layouts. These Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reels come in lengths of 100 and 150 ft. While that’s definitely a lot of line, these chalk reel’s three-gear system and retraction ratio of 4:1 make retracting the whole length fast and easy. The 100 and 150 ft. models can hold up to 18 and 24oz. of chalk at a time, respectively, meaning fewer messy refills. Milwaukee’s 150ft Extra Bold Large Capacity Reel ($34.99) and 100ft Extra Bold Large Capacity Reel ($24.99) are both available now exclusively at Home Depot.  

Two windows joined together by Easy Connect | Construction Pro Tips
Andersen Windows

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Andersen Easy Connect Joining System

Andersen Window’s Easy Connect Joining System simplifies large window installation by making it possible to break large window into smaller individual units. This makes moving and installing much easier and safer. Andersen says that most contractors surveyed said they could reduce the number of installers by 50% using the Andersen Easy Connect Joining System. This system could also go a long way to reduce lifting injuries. The separate windows are easily re-assembled right in the rough opening, nothing could be simpler. For more information on Easy Connect, click here. \

The Drill Doctor 750x | Construction Pro Tips
Drill Doctor

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Drill Doctor

Dull drill bits can be a major pain. They make your work harder and your jobs last longer. The Drill Doctor 750x is designed to save pros from this headache, not to mention wasting time on trips to the home center or hardware store. This top-of-the-line Drill Doctor sharpens a wide variety of drill bit sizes, from 3/32” to 3/4”. It can also set point angles anywhere from 115 to 140 degrees. For pros who prefer sharp drill bits and working smarter, not harder, the Drill Doctor 750x is definitely worth a close look. Buy one here or check out our video for more information.  

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