Latest and Greatest: July 2018

Man Holding a Bosch Router | Construction Pro Tips

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Funky New Design

Bosch’s new 12V Max Palm Edge Router just looks... different. That’s because it is. Bosch built a compact grip that resembles a jigsaw more than a router. It feels more natural unlike other palm routers that can feel like trying to cut with a jar of pickles. Also, this cordless router weighs just 2.2 lbs., which is almost half as much as comparable models. The Bosch GFK12V-25 12V Max Palm Edge Router is available online and in stores for $149 (bare tool only).

Using a Bosch 2-in-1 Driver to tighten a bolt | Construction Pro Tips

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One Wrench, One Driver, One Tool

Bosch’s new 2-in-1 Hex and Square Drive Socket-Ready Impact Driver can handle both standard hex bits and sockets. The square drive simply has a hole in it that accepts the hex bits, so there are no parts or attachments to swap out and keep track of. This is the perfect tool for building decks or any project that requires switching from screws to bolts/ lags. You can buy one online or in home centers for $199.00 (bare tool).

Man using the Rockler Cord Track System | Construction Pro Tips

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Handy Cord And Hose Management

Rockler’s new Ceiling Track System is a great way to get cords and hoses out of the way when working in a garage or shop. The track system provides ring and hook attachments that move along the ceiling mounted track. Just position the hook above your workspace and hang up the cord or hose. Now they’re out of the way but still easy to move around, and thanks to adjustable stops in the track they’ll only travel as far as you want them to. Each section of track, sold in 4-ft.-segments, is rated to hold up to 60 pounds. The Rockler Ceiling Track System starter kit costs $69.97 and additional components can be purchased here.

Cementex Insulated Tape | Construction Pro Tips

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Safe Measuring Tools

Arc flash, is often caused when a metal measuring tools inadvertently comes in contact with an energized conductor. To eliminate this scenario, and the serious injuries that can accompany arc flash, Cementex has created a line of fully non-conductive fiberglass measuring tools. The line includes a 33-inch measuring tape and a 6-foot measuring stick. Both tools are constructed with fiberglass instead of wood in order to eliminate any potential warping.  These non-conductive measuring tools will be available soon.

Man using the Jobsite Cooler from DEWALT | Construction Pro Tips

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Portable Ice Chest

When it’s hot out having cold beverages on the jobsite isn’t just a luxury- it’s a safety concern. Heat strokes are no joke.  DEWALT’s ToughSystem Cooler will keep your beverages cold throughout the work day. It’s IP65 rated to keep unwanted water and dust from getting in and boasts five days of ice retention to keep the cold from getting out. The 27-quart storage space stacks on top of any other ToughSystem module and has a lid with two cup holders and a bottle opener. The ToughSystem Cooler is available now anywhere DEWALT products are sold for $149.99.   

Milwaukee Heated Gloves | Construction Pro Tips

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 No More Frigid Fingers

For those of us who live in places that get battered by harsh winters, Milwaukee has us covered- or our hands covered at least. Milwaukee Tool’s new USB Rechargeable Gloves will keep your hands nice and toasty during those long winter months with three heat settings and up to six hours of run time. These gloves are powered by the same technology that Milwaukee uses in their rechargeable flashlights, REDLITHIUM USB, and can reach full heat in just 2.5 minutes. Made of GRIDIRON Ripstop Polyester, Milwaukee’s USB Rechargeable Gloves will be a great way to keep those  digits heated even in the tough conditions of the winter jobsite. They will launch in September 2018 for $179 a pair.

For an easy way to recharge via USB on the go, check out Milwaukee’s power bank.

Two Extech UV Measurers | Construction Pro Tips

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Cool Light Meter (It measures hot as well)


For a lot of pros, dealing with exposure to UV rays and excessive light is just part of the job. Extech recently released a Pocket UV-AB Light Meter (UV505) designed to monitor sunlight levels, letting you know if you are getting too much sun exposure over the course of the day. Anything over a "seven" on the UV Index Scale is potentially dangerous, so keeping on eye on UV levels is an essential and necessary part of jobsite safety.

Extech is also launching a Pocket Light Meter (LT505) for testing light levels during a new lighting installation. This tool is a great way to find out if the lights being installed are performing as advertised. And you may impress the GC, Architect, and or customer with your professionalism and technological savvy. The UV505 costs $199.00 and the LT505 costs $129.00. Both are available now online.

A Pair of Channellock Insulated Pliers | Construction Pro Tips

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Insulated Pliers

Channellock’s new line of Insulated Pliers are built for you electrical pros who needs high-quality, precise pliers that are also OSHA-compliant. They feature laser-treated cutting edges that will last for a LONG time and are made from high carbon U.S. steel with a rust-preventative coating. The insulation is impact resistant and flame retardant, and the entire product line complies with IEC 60900-2012, ASTM F1505-16 and NFPA 70E standards. The line includes an 8-in. Long Nose Plier, 7 and 8-in. Diagonal Cutters, and an 8-in. Combination Plier.  These Insulated Pliers will be available soon.

DEWALT's first ever Stud Finder | Construction Pro Tips

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DeWALT's first stud finder

DEWALT is finally getting into the stud finder game with two new models. One has a depth-detection of 3/4-in., and the other can detect studs that are buried 1-1/2 inches deep. Both of these stud finders feature DEWALT’s one-step Center Find Technology, which finds the center of the stud instead of just the edges. Kind of a no-brainer, eh? Also, both models do not need to be calibrated all the time, which definitely speeds up the process.  The DEWALT ¾-In. Stud Finder (DWO100) is available for $17.99 while the 1-1/2-In. Stud Finder (DWO150) is available for $19.99 online and in stores.

A Bosch Laser Measurer | Construction Pro Tips

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High-tech distance measurer

Bosch continues to add to and improve on their line of laser measurers with two new lasers, the Outdoor Connected Laser Measure with Viewfinder (GLM400C) and the Outdoor Connected Laser Measure with Camera (GLM400CL). Both of these new lasers use a 5.0-megapixel camera with adjustable zoom to find the distance to anything targeted within 400 ft. They work in bright conditions, large indoor spaces and even against busy backdrops. The best part about these levels is the easy-to-read, full color display, showing real-time, accurate measurements (+/-1/16-in.) that adjust automatically if you move around. Plus, any measurement recorded on these lasers can be sent directly to Bosch’s MeasureOn smartphone app, which organizes and documents them for later use. The Bosch Outdoor Connected Laser Measures are available now online and in stores starting at $229.00.

A red toolbag designed for the Milwaukee Packout System | Construction Pro Tips

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More for the PACKOUT system

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Organizing system is already a great way to keep all of your tools in order. Now they’re adding even more organization options with their new Low-Profile Organizers and Tool Bags. The Low-Profile Organizers are half the height of Milwaukee’s previous model but still have the same durable, impact resistant body. Each Organizer comes with removable bin dividers and bin seals that keep everything from sliding around. They are also IP65 rated to keep water and debris from getting in and potentially harming whatever is inside.

The Tool Bags are a brand-new addition to the PACKOUT system and come in 15-in. and 20-in. sizes. They have cushioned shoulder straps, top and side handles, and a large open space for your tools to lay in. Each tool bag is made from tear-resistant ballistic material and have a durable polymer base that will protect tools from water, abrasion, and impact.

Both the Tool Bags and the Organizers work just like any other part of the PACKOUT system, attaching and detaching from the PACKOUT module easily and efficiently. For more info on the entire PACKOUT system, click here.

Greenworks Lithium Battery Lawn mowers | Construction Pro Tips

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Powerful, battery-powered mowers

Greenworks Commercial recently unveiled their new Lithium Z Zero Turn Mowers, the first (and only) lithium-ion battery powered commercial grade mowers to be UL-certified for safety. The Lithium Z line will be made up of a 48-in. stand-on mower and a 60-in. ride-on mower at launch. Both will feature zero-turn radius maneuverability, zero gas, and zero emissions. The ride-on model will be able to cut for up to five hours on a single charge and the stand-on model will last for six hours.  The Lithium Z Zero Turn mowers are available through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, and Pace and Steven Willand independent dealer networks.