Latest and Greatest: June 2018

Klein All in One Pliers

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Klein Tools Pliers w/ Crimper

Klein Tool’s new Hybrid Pliers with Crimper frees up space in your tool belt by giving five functions in one multi-purpose tool. These pliers can be used to strip wire, twist wire, shear bolts, crimp non-insulated connectors and cut through hard wire using their full length induction-hardened cutting knives. They’re available online and in stores for $39.97.

Spill Fix

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SpillFix 2-in-1

Liquid spills can quickly go from annoying to expensive. So if your shop handles any liquids, check out SpillFix 2-in-1. It’s an All-Purpose Absorbent and Sweeping Compound that makes any spill clean up easier. The stuff is actually made from coconut fiber, so it’s safe to handle with your bare hands and can be disposed of just like any other garbage (assuming the spill was non-toxic of course). SpillFix 2-in-1 All Purpose Absorbent and Sweeping Compound can be purchased online or in Lowes for $11.98 per bag.

Milwaukee Tool Lanyard

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Milwaukee’s Tool Lanyard

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a power tool slip from your grasp and watching as if in slow motion as it plummets towards the ground. Milwaukee’s new Tool Lanyards help prevent these wince-worthy moments by attaching a direct line to tools between 20-35 lbs., keeping your expensive equipment from being dashed against the floor. They feature locking carabiners, best-in-class shock absorption and serial numbered ID tags for easy tracking through Milwaukee’s ever-growing One-Key platform. Check out Milwaukee’s new tool lanyards here.

Dewalt Flexvolt Battery Platform

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New Battery and Charger from DEWALT

DEWALT has continued expanding their FLEXVOLT System with the dual-voltage 20v/60v Max which features a monster 12.0 Ah Battery. DEWALT recently announced a new 4-port fast charger that can simultaneously charge 4 FLEXVOLT batteries to a full charge in 120 minutes. This expansion pretty clearly shows that DEWALT is committed to giving the users of their battery platform as much power as possible. The new FLEXVOLT 12.0 Ah battery will be sold for $249.00, and the 4-Port Fast Charger will be sold for $199.00.  

Co Guard Logo

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Safer generators

Tragically, people are injured or die every year of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by improper operation of portable generators. To combat this, Briggs and Stratton’s recently announced their new Carbon Monoxide Guard™ that will be rolling out on all new Briggs & Stratton generators manufactured for the United States over the next 18 months. The new CO Guard is a sensor that will shut down the engine if it detects high levels of Carbon Monoxide using the same technology as most household CO detectors.

"The announcement of CO Guard technology comes after several years of Briggs & Stratton dedicating resources to create the most comprehensive solution to reduce the number of carbon monoxide related injuries and deaths caused by improper use of portable generators," said Mike Derra, Briggs & Stratton Corporation director of engineering. "Extensive modeling and testing confirms CO Guard lowers the risk of carbon monoxide deaths far more than existing technology on the market."    

Striking Wrench

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GEARWRENCH Slugging/Striking Wrenches

GEARWRENCH’s new Slugging/Striking Wrenches are built for those times where elbow grease just isn’t quite enough to loosen (or fully tighten) those reluctant fasteners. They provide a large “striking surface” to whack at so that you get as much force as possible behind your efforts. These slugging/striking wrenches are designed with compact handles so they can be used in tight spaces. They are made in three styles (6 Point Slugging, 12 Point Slugging, and 12 Point 45 degree Offset Striking), each with a variety of size ranges. Look for GEARWRENCH Slugging/Striking Wrenches in home centers and hardware stores. (I’m not sure they are available there, double check)

Boss Rear Plow

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BOSS Drag Pro Back Blade Plow


CPT is based in Minnesota. Sadly, even in the middle of summer, we are a little obsessed with winter and the snow and ice that she serves up. Good news is that BOSS Snowplow recently introduced a super-wide snowplow that should be enough to tame even the harshest of winter storms. The Boss Drag Pro is a rear-mounted snowplow that uses a hydraulic wing system to cover an area up to 16 feet. That wide of a wingspan greatly reduces the number of passes needed to clear a dive or lot. If 16 feet. seems a bit much, the plow also comes in more manageable fixed wing and 8-12-ft. hydraulic wing sizes. 

Domino Joiner Connector

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Festool Connectors

For a while now Festool’s Domino Joiner system has been a favorite among cabinetmakers and carpenters. Festool recently launched a new generation of Domino connectors that work with their DF 500 Domino Joiner. The new mechanical Domino connectors can be used to create tight, seamless connections between flat or corner joints with just a hex wrench. They eliminate the need for gluing and clamping without giving up any connection strength. Whether you are making cabinets in a workshop, working on site as a carpenter or just trying your hand at furniture making, Festool’s new Connectors are a great way to make strong and fast joint connections. The connectors come in a variety of styles and package sizes with prices starting at $35.00.

Bobcat Rear Camera

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Bobcat Rear Camera Kit

The Bobcat Company has introduced a Rear Camera Kit for their skid-steers and compact track loaders. This camera’s 118-degree horizontal viewing angle and 89-degree vertical viewing angle make it easy to see what’s going on behind the machine, which will definitely help prevent collisions. The camera feed is sent to a 4.3 inch LCD color monitor that can be mounted anywhere in the cab of your compact loader. And of course, the camera and its hardware are built to withstand the rugged conditions of the jobsite. The Rear Camera Kit camera is compatible with any M-Series or newer Bobcat loader and be purchased online for $689.74.

Clamp Light

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Klein Tools Clamping Light

Klein’s newest addition to their growing line of jobsite lighting is their Clamping Worklight. The Clamping Worklight has a 2-inch clamp that can be mounted anywhere that you need hands-free illumination and a 360-degree rotating head, making this a flexible and versatile lighting solution. On top of all that, the light has a run time of eight hours while putting out 250 Lumens of constant light, so you could run it for an entire workday on one charge. The Clamping Worklight from Klein Tools is available online and in store for $39.90.

Eaton Automation Hub

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Eaton Home Automation Hub

The idea of a connected and automated “smart home” may be intimidating to some, but it’s definitely a trend that construction pros need to be aware of. Eaton is looking to make the whole concept a little simpler with their Home Automation Hub, a one-stop device that can control an “eco-system” of smart home devices. Eaton’s smart home technology allows you control thermostats, security systems, lighting controls, surround sound speaker system and more all from the same device. This in turn can save you money on energy costs and give you an added layer of security. Go here to find more information on the Eaton Home Automation Hub.  

App for home quotes

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HOVER 3D Modeling Software

Gone are the days of climbing around the exterior of a home trying to get measurements for window, roofing and siding projects. Using HOVER, a new 3D modeling system, contractors can turn eight photos into full, accurate 3D renderings of home exteriors. But don’t worry about being a techno-wizard. All you have to do is snap the photos; the team at HOVER does the rest. They will send you a 3D rendering along with measurements for which ever surface you plan on installing, including roofing, trim, siding, windows, and more. You can also use the 3D model to help your clients visualize which materials and colors will work best on their project.

HOVER reports start at $20.

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