Screen Wall Wind Speed Test (VIDEO)

A screen company conducts a test to see how much wind power their product can withstand- watch below.

In this video Screen Tight, a company that develops and patents mesh guard, showcases a test they designed to see how much wind their screens could withstand before breaking. The test was fairly simple; they built a frame from a wall of screen material and pointed a giant fan directly at it. Then they turned the fan on and gradually amped up the speed. The screen wall, made from patented PVC fiber-reinforced composite, was able to withstand wind speeds of over 140 mph. In fact, the frame gave in before the screen tore, which is pretty impressive. To see the test in action watch the video above.

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Screen Tight

Screen Tight develops and patents Mesh Guard and Screen Block and receives patent for new method of extruding plastic that results in the first ever non-aluminum porch framing system — Screen Wall. In 2018, MeshGuard receives ICC approval for guardrail infill building code requirements and begins a new era of screen porch design. Screen Tight also operates a YouTube Channel through which they share informative videos regarding all things screens. Thanks for sharing your videos, Screen Tight!