New Trailer Tech For 2019 Chevrolet Models

The myChevy truck app controlling a trailer | Construction Pro Tips

Chevy Makes Towing Easier

If you don’t do it all the time, pulling a trailer can be a little intimidating: making solid connections, balancing loads, securing all the tie-downs, making sure all the lights are working properly. And then there’s backing up! This is why I’m a huge fan of Chevrolet’s new trailer technology.

-Josh Risberg, associate editor, Construction Pro Tips

MyChevrolet Mobile App

It all starts with myChevrolet mobile app. To be honest, when I first heard about this app I thought, “Do I really need another app in my life?” But then I learned what this app actually does. Basically, it walks you through a step-by-step towing checklist. But the super cool part is that the myChevrolet app lets you use your phone to make sure that all your trailer lights are working properly by running the trailer lights through an automatic exterior light diagnostic. No more using a brick to put on your brake pedal or wedging a board between your seat and brake pedal to make sure your brake lights are working. This app allows you to walk around and inspect the trailer while the lights go through a sequence of braking, blinker, parking etc. to check that all the trailer lights are working properly.  You don’t have to do this just from your phone, either. You also have the option to start this trailer light sequence from the dash display in the cab of the truck. The myChevrolet app can be downloaded from your app store and will work on only light-duty 1500’s.

Advanced Trailering System

Chevy’s Advanced Trailering System is an option in the LTZ and High Country and is available on the LT, RST,  and Trail Boss trim levels. This upgrade is very helpful for truck owners that are towing more often because:

  • Hitch Guidance with Hitch View displays a dynamic guideline on your dash screen display to help keep the ball of the truck in alignment with the trailer coupler. Once you get close, it can be zoomed in for more perfect alignment.
  • Auto Parking brake assist- Ever have this happen? You just finished perfectly aligning the ball under the trailer coupler; after a short mental celebration, you put the truck in Park and pull your foot off the brake. Then you remember that the truck is on an incline just as it lurches out of position. This scenario is a thing of the past with Auto Parking Brake Assist,  While you are in Hitch View the parking brake sets automatically when the truck is put in park. No more movement.
  • Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System- Getting a flat trailer tire while cruising down the freeway can be a disaster. With The Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System you can now monitor each tire’s air pressure, and the actual temperature of each tire as well. This is an excellent safety feature.  (This requires optional equipment and dealer installation).

Advanced Trailering System Infotainment App

This app allows you to track your mileage and fuel economy, as well as the transmission temperature of the truck while towing.  And for those with multiple trailers, this app will store trailer brake settings for up to five different trailers.

One very impressive piece of the system the Advanced Trailer System Infotainment app is the Trailer Theft Alert. When a trailer is plugged into a truck and the system is armed (The truck is locked), the Advanced Trailering System Infotainment App protects both the truck AND the trailer. So if some scum bag tries to heist your trailer, from the moment they unplug the harness from the back of the truck the alarm will be trigger, and the lights will flash, and the horn will honk.  It doesn’t stop there, if you’re a customer that is enrolled in the Onstar Safety & Security Plan you will receive a theft alert via phone call, text or email.

Trailer Camera Package

This all new package has four cameras that provide a 270-degree view.

  • A standard rear tailgate camera
  • One camera mounted inside each side-view mirror
  • And an optional camera that can mount to the back of a trailer to display what’s happening behind the trailer

Trailering label

Chevrolet has created a labeling system that is located in the driver-side door jamb on all next-generation 2019 Silverado pickups. This label will provide the information needed to calculate your pick-ups exact towing capacity. This new label system will provide information that includes:

  • Maximum tongue weight
  • Maximum payload
  • Curb weight
  • Gross axle weight rating in the rear
  • Gross combined weight rating
  • Gross vehicle weight rating

Expect this feature to hit the 2019 Chevrolet light duty 1500 models in the fall of 2018.

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