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Do you reach a zen-like state running a well-designed tool that executes its job perfectly? Do you geek-out when you find that perfect problem-solving product that makes your working-life easier? And do you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside working with high-quality building materials that actually live up to the manufacturer’s claims? If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out these genuine recommendations for products, tools and gear from real pros working in the jobsite trenches.

Fast Cap zero clearance tape

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Fast Cap zero clearance tape

The new zero clearance tape from Fast Cap is designed to reduce chip-out and provide a precise line of reference for your cut. So far it has been worth the five bucks I paid.

Submitted by Alan Muncey (@thepeicarpenter)

A post shared by Tools Carpentry Construction (@toolpig) on Nov 7, 2017 at 5:47am PST

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Martinez M4 hammer

Love me some @martineztools 💪🏼 The M4 is so cool! I wonder what other details he will work in as he evolves? They cost about $225.

Submitted by @toolpig

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Sioux Chief plumbing products

Another great product from Sioux Chief! Clean look and they're removable to replace if needed! Perfect hammer arrester solution for the situation where the washer needs to go back tight without bending the hoses at a hard angle.

Submitted by Greg Maruffi (@greg_maruffi_plumbing)


Pactool Gable Scribe

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Pactool Gable Scribe

Once I dial in the right angle, the thing works as a great cutting scribe. Sometimes it feels like I'm cheating, but hey I bought the thing so I guess that makes me smart 🙂 They cost about $90. Check out the demo.

Submitted by @selectaprime


A post shared by Nate (N8) (@builtby_n8) on Nov 9, 2017 at 1:36pm PST

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SawStop cabinet saw

One of the many reason I feel the SawStop cabinet saw is one of the best out there is how good the dust collection is. Check out this video to see it in action. There's a decent amount of dust down in the saw, and when I blow it around with compressed air it stirs it up and is immediately sucked down in to the dust chute. You can see it swirling in. It’s my favorite tool in the shop! They run just under $3000.

Submitted by Nate (@builtby_N8)

THE trashbag solution

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THE trashbag solution

I can't be the only person who knows about this thing! The KWIKCAN! The most genius stinkin' trash can in existence! Certainly one of my favorite/most useful on-site tools. It's sooo simple. So quick to set up (as the name may suggest). It takes up no space in the work van. I simply don't know how I disposed of off-cuts and miscellaneous construction debris before the Kwikcan. When I'm installing trim or built-ins, one of these bad boys lives under my chop saw. I usually have another one around, as well, to keep the work area clean as we go. On today's job, I forgot both of them and I was mad. Go get six of these right now. Expect to pay about $15 each.

Submitted by @somershandbuilt

A post shared by Tim Uhler (@awesomeframers) on Nov 7, 2017 at 6:04pm PST

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Cold weather savior

This is about the only corded tool we use anymore.  We keep it plugged into a cord and put caulking tubes, spare gloves, glue, rolls of Zip tape, or whatever we want to keep warm.  It does its job and 5 years later is going strong.  It was and is worth the $95 we paid. According to Arctic Warmers it keeps the inside temp about 115° (46°C)

Submitted by Tim Uhler (@awesomeframers)


Warm feet = happy feet

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Dry feet = happy feet

A boot drier may be one of the worlds greatest inventions for cold weather. Wet feet no more! There are several good ones available at sporting goods stores and online for less than $50.

Submitted by Southside Lanscaping Company (@southsidelco)


A post shared by Jeff Krug (@krug_carpentry) on Nov 1, 2017 at 8:43am PDT

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Ratcheting Right Angle Driver


I install A LOT of hardware. That makes this offset ratcheting screwdriver an absolute necessity. A set can cost as little as $10.

Submitted by Jeff Krug (@krug_carpentry)