2019 Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150 Showdown (VIDEO)

An in-depth look and comparison of 2019's top trucks from Ford and Ram

Are luxury options in trucks really worth it? That’s the question the TFL Trucking crew sets out to answer in this comparison of the 2019 Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150, two flagship trucks that will put a major dent in your wallet. For most people, a luxury truck is just that- a luxury. But for construction pros, a truck is often an office, a home away from home, a toolbox on wheels, and a mobile marketing tool. In that case, splurging a little bit can be beneficial. Watch the video above for all of the TFL team’s views on the newest premier trucks from Ford and Ram.

TFL Trucking

The guys at TFLtruck review the latest trucks and full-sized SUVs from their unique location, a mile above sea-level in Boulder, Colorado. Their signature annual challenges: the Gold Winch (best off-road truck), Gold Hitch (best towing truck) and the IKE Gauntlet®, a high-altitude towing test which tops out at more than 11,000 feet in altitude, show viewers from around the world how trucks from the Toyota Tacoma to HD commercial pickups perform in some of the toughest driving terrain on the continent. And of course, for reviews on the latest vehicles and coverage of breaking news, TFLtruck is there, helping inform viewers with real-world reviews and news they can use.

Two couplers, one of which is rusted out | Construction Pro Tips

Inspect your Coupler

The friction from the coupler pressing down and twisting on the ball will wear down a coupler, causing the metal to get thin. Inspect the coupler periodically and if you find even one hairline crack, replace it immediately. Some couplers are bolted on, but some need to be cut off and the new one welded on. Greasing the ball might reduce the wear a little bit, but it’s not worth the mess. If you’re shopping for a trailer and you know you’re going to put tons of miles on it, buy one with a cast tongue rather than stamped metal; they’re thicker and last longer.

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