Recip Saw Test (Video)

One-handed reciprocating saws are becoming more popular, especially with plumbers and electricians. Because they’re designed to operate with one hand, the other hand is free to secure a pipe or conduit for cutting. Most major tool companies are producing their own 12-volt and 18-volt version of this handy, lightweight saw, and we thought we would put the 8-volt saws to a side-by-side comparison.

We recorded how fast they cut through PVC pipe, EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing) and wood. We all played around with each saw to see which felt better (subjective, we know). We tested for sound and heat. We also wanted to find out how long they would run on one charge. To keep things fair each test was conducted with the largest battery available for each platform, and fresh Lenox blades were used for each series of cuts.