Stuff We Love: Straight Lines (VIDEO)

On this edition of Stuff We Love, host Marty Dyck shares his thoughts on three tools that make drawing straight lines much easier.

On this week’s edition of Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck takes a look at three tools that will help pros in any trade create crisp, straight lines. There’s an impressive laser from DEWALT plus a couple of tools from Milwaukee Tool, including a ruggedly reinforced expandable level and a mega-chalkline for layouts. 

To find out what Marty loves about these straight edge tools, watch the video below. Click here to learn more about each individual product and find out where you can buy them online.

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About Marty Dyck

Marty is a professional woodworker and the owner of Good From Wood, a custom woodworking shop located in Stillwater, MN. Specializing in unique, vintage barn doors, custom skateboards and other innovative wood products, Marty hopes to always build the piece that everyone talks about.
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