Stand-Outs At The Green Industry & Equipment Expo

CPT took a trip to the Green Industry and Equipment Expo. We saw a bunch of cool tractors, skid steers and mowers. Here's a few of the stand-outs.

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I love Louisville

The Green Industry & Equipment Expo  is one of my favorite shows I travel to, and that's coming from someone who has never been in the landscape, hardscape, or property maintenance industries. It’s a hard show not to love because of the constant flood of innovations and upgrades on all of the awesome variety of equipment and tools. Plus, there’s a huge outdoor demonstration area where you can hop on a zippy zero turn for whirl around a track or push some dirt around with a shiny new skid steer. And of course, Louisville is a great town populated with super friendly people, and it just happens to be the bourbon capital of the world…Yay bourbon!

-Mark Petersen

Case Mini Excavator

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Case Mini Excavator

CASE Construction has released the C Series, a new line of mini excavators, each with slightly different features designed to fit almost any light construction or landscaping project. One of the coolest things we saw at GIE was the CX17C model’s ability to expand and retract the tracks (see video below). This feature makes the excavator very maneuverable, letting you fit through garden gates and easily move around cramped job sites. Check out the CASE website for more information or to request a quote on the CX17C or any of CASE's other new mini excavator’s.



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Spider Remote Slope Mower

Spider released their first radio-controlled lawn mower designed for maintaining grassy slopes in 2003. Since then the company has added a few more mowers to their line of remote-controlled mowers and developed new mowing technologies, resulting in a pretty impressive mowing machine. The mowers are nimble and highly maneuverable thanks to Spider’s DANCE STEP steering configuration, which allows all wheels to be steered together in 360 degrees. For more information on SPIDER Remote Control Slope Mowers check out the Spider website.

Pressure Washer

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Briggs and Stratton Compact Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can be a bit of a chore to lug around. So when we got a look at Briggs and Stratton’s new electric pressure washer, the compact size immediately stood out. These new pressure washes would be ideal for a construction pro, as they can fit pretty easily in the back of a truck or a trailer without taking up too much precious space. The electric motor is quiet and has Briggs and Stratton’s Instant Start/Stop System, so the unit only runs when the spray trigger is pulled. The new line of pressure washers from Briggs and Stratton are available now online and in home centers starting at $199.00


lawn mower

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Altoz Track Zero Turn

Finally, a rider lawn mower you can go to war in! All joking aside, the Altoz TRX mower is one heavy-duty machine. The chassis is made from laser cut heavy gauge steel and the wheels are flat proof, meaning that pretty much nothing should be abe to stop this beast of a mower. The TRX’s track system gives the machine great stability and traction and helps it navigate softer terrain, making this a great mower for wet areas. Plus, it's just one mean looking machine. For more info on the Altoz TRX go to .

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DriBond/Belgard Paver System

The DriBond system allows you to lay down thin pavers over existing concrete without raising the surface level more than a couple/few inches. Just lay down and smooth out an even layer of DriBond powder on top of the old concrete.  Install1-inch. pavers over that, and then wet the whole surface down. The DriBond adheres the pavers in place creating a surface that has a PSI strength much higher than the concrete by itself, which makes it a viable option for driveways as well as patios and walkways. Check out the video here.


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STIHL cut-off machine with Quickstop brake

Cut-off saws are powerful tools, and when it comes to cutting a relief cut/expansion joint in a slab of concrete they're extremely effective and relatively safe. However, the guards on cut-off saws can get in the way when cutting down low and when cutting from underneath, the position the demo guys often find themselves in. The guard isn’t the only problem when cutting in odd, chainsaw-like, positions: kickbacks can be a real danger. To provide users more flexibility STIHL has developed a cut-off machine with expanded guard adjustability. And to keep the operator safe, STIHL has invented an impressive braking system that will instantly stop the blade when it senses a kickback. This new saw really is an impressive engineering feat, but it does have some pros and cons:


  • Costs more
  • Cuts a bit slower (due to lower RPMs)
  • Weighs more
  • Special abrasive blades necessary (regular diamond blades work fine)
  • Requires more maintenance

PROS:  Operator's skull remains gash-free


The TS 440 STIHL Cutquik Cut Off Machine is available at authorized STIHL dealers.


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Avant electric loader

The Full Electric Loader from Avant is completely battery powered. Its zero-emissions means you can safely use it inside and in poorly ventilated spaces. The battery lasts for up to 4 hours depending on type of use. Among the 100-plus attachments are buckets, forks, booms, blades, brooms and even a cement mixer. See video below, and click here for  more information on the Avant E-series.

tetra pod

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What's the next best thing to a car that turns into a boat? A trailer that turns into a boat? A company out of Canada has come up with the Tetra-Pod, a trailer that transforms into a jon boat. As a trailer the Tetra-Pod is fully enclosed and has dumping capabilities. As a boat, well, it floats! There's an on-road and off-road version; either one could be a great option for hunting, fishing and camping outings. To learn more about the Tetra-Pod go to  And see, it's not all work and no play at the GIE.

Mark Petersen

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