Why You Should Buy A High-Quality Blade (sponsored)

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Why would you spend $8 on a reciprocating saw blade when you can buy one for much less? Both blades will cut wood and nails, right? Well, yes, but that’s where the similarities end. A high-quality demo blade will cut through nail-embedded wood much, much faster, and it will effectively cut through many hundreds of nails before it even starts to slow down. A standard quality blade will likely start to dull after the first nail, and how often do you use a recip saw without clipping a few nails?

In this test (video below), we compared a LENOX Carbide Tooth Reciprocating Saw Demolition Blade to an inexpensive generic “Nail-Embedded Wood” blade. To even the odds we cut over 250 16-d nails with the demo blade before conducting our test. We embedded ten, 16-d nails into a 2×10 and weighted the saw down with a can of paint (not high tech but effective). The LENOX demo blade cut through the 2×10 in 15 seconds while the brand new inexpensive demo blade took almost twice as long.

As you can see in the photo below, after just 20 nails the teeth on the inexpensive blade are rounded over or just plain gone. The teeth on the LENOX blade still have a sharp edge, and that’s after cutting through 250+ nails!

blade close up

The benefits of buying a high-quality blade are obvious:

  • Fewer trips to the store buying blades
  • Fewer trips to the recip case grabbing new blades
  • Less time wasted replacing blades
  • Most important: Less time actually cutting!

So if your time is money, check out this video, and don’t skimp on your recip saw blades. Find out where you can buy the LENOX Carbide Tooth Reciprocating Saw Demolition Blade at http://www.lenoxtools.com/pages/wheretobuy.aspx

Josh Risberg, Tool Editor