This New Mower From Honda is Perfect For Pros—Here’s Why

CPT got a look at Honda's latest mower at a recent event. Find out what we thought here.

honda mower

For Honda Power Equipment’s 35th anniversary, they released a new walk-behind mower that’s an improvement from their top-selling HRR mower.

The wildly popular HRR was released in 1998 and has been Honda’s top selling mower for the past 20 years. Consumers have purchased more than 300,000 HRR models per year—that’s comparable to the number of Honda Civics sold each year. They’ve completely redesigned the HRR from the ground up and have replaced it with the brand new HRN model. Honda Power Equipment (HPE) touts that the HRN has four main qualities that make it appealing to customers: its ease of use, improved serviceability, rugged durability and power. Also, the HRN’s new engine, the GCV170, gives this mower 18 percent more torque than the HRR.

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honda mower speed control

This new kid on the block has a few bells and whistles that any landscaper can fall in love with. One feature that stood out was the “Smart Drive Control”. It was easy to use when I tested it and there are five adjustable positions, so you can set it to whatever is most comfortable for you. This self-propelled feature allows this mower to go surprisingly fast. I don’t think I even went full speed and it felt like I needed to run to keep up with it. This is helpful if you have long legs, or if you’re running behind and need to mow several lawns, fast.

Another stand-out feature of the new HRN mower was the dual-lever height adjustment. On most mowers you have to go to each wheel to adjust the cutting height. but on the HRN you only need to adjust it on two wheels on one side, and you’re not cranking on the levers to raise or lower the deck. They move smoothly.

honda mower height adjust

Another plus of this mower is that is very easy to maintain. There are considerably less parts in the HRN compared to the HRR. There are no tools needed to remove the air cleaner, and the spark plug is easy to access. If you ever hit a stump or a large rock (we’ve all done it) and it bends the crankshaft, it’s not a headache to replace it yourself.

With the release of the new HRN it looks like HPE has another winner on their hands.

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Check out this video to learn more about the new HRN mower from Honda: