The Best Window From IBS 2019 (VIDEO)

High quality and affordable windows

We saw a lot of cool stuff at IBS 2019. In the episode of the Build Show above, Jordan Smith showcases some of the best products and materials he saw at the Builder’s show, including some windows from the show that are triple planed and triple sealed, all while remaining relatively affordable.

Jordan Smith 

Jordan is a home builder in Austin Texas.  He currently works with Matt Risinger on “The Build Show” and leads the steel and carpentry crews for Risinger Homes. He and his wife, Veronica, have 4 kids and enjoy designing, building, and remodeling together as a family. When he is not busy building or filming, Jordan can be found sitting alone, outside of his house in his pickup, scrolling though Instagram, while his family waits for him to come in for dinner. 


CAMO hidden deck fastening system | Construction Pro TIps
Courtesy CAMO

More from IBS 2019: CAMO

CAMO has come up with a super-fast hidden deck fastening system called EdgeClip. It’s designed to be used with grooved deck boards. It has little legs that straddle the joist, so you don’t have to hold them in place while you fasten them down. Another thing you don’t have to do is fuss with the screws because they’re already in the clips ready to go. And one more thing you don’t have to do is fumble around trying to line up the drill bit with the screw head because every box of fasteners comes with a Never-Miss Guide which funnels the bit right onto the fastener head for a perfect alignment every time.

CAMO also just released the CAMO DRIVE drill extension, so you don’t have to bend over to secure EdgeClips. CAMO DRIVE works on other fastening systems as well. When using both the CAMO DRIVE and EdgeClip products, you can actually install the fasteners on a bunch of boards, and then screw them all down at the same time while standing up. That’s great news for your back. CAMO makes a similar clip for angled decking called EdgeXClip. A container with 90 EdgeClips costs about $ 39.95. Find a dealer at the CAMO website, and check out their great video as well.

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